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Autumn Lee - Online Memorial Website

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Autumn Lee
Born in Kansas
33 years
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Peggy Otto memories September 9, 2010
I want to share what Autumn gave to me when she was 15. My son had died and I felt what mom Cindy feels. That horrendous wave. Autumn brings me this paper that describes a grief wave.Waves heading towards shore. She gave me a description of what was going on.We do get to shore.For me I rode the inner tube.Each of you have a wave to ride and dont give up or get stuck. Were together in this ocean and yet feel alone. A private journey shared.For me the shore was our Lord Jesus Christ.Autumn and her mother because I know them the best have touched my lifes deeply.I am here to give back...blessings
Katie Englund Hugs September 9, 2010
Mike, Eric and I are so sorry for you and your kids terrible loss. Sending you good thoughts and lots of hugs, please let us know if you or the kids need anything. We love ya!
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