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Autumn Lee
Born in Kansas
33 years
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Tammy Mossbrucker
Autumn, from the time were were 12 years old until now..over 20 years together we have always shared something everlasting..We may not of seen each other as much in our later years as we had in our growing ones but we always had something to Remember Together..I Admire the woman, mother, wife and disciple you had become and believe you have a much larger purpose than any one of us still here on earth can imagine..
                       ~Be free to go and do what you were meant to do......
                       ~Sour & Fly because now you can Touch the Sky~ 
Heather Harding
I have so many great memories of you thru out the years but my most fond memory has to be my 17th birthday. You, Shawnette' and I had the greatest time...up all night talking and laughing! It was the greatest most memorable birthday I ever had! I am so thankful to have had you in my life you were one of my greatest friends and an inspiration to me! Thank you Autumn for always being there when I needed you most! I love you and will miss you beautiful angel!
Chastidy Chambers
Autumn Lee..... I dont think I can begin to narrow down one or even two memories, we have shared a lifetime of memories together. I will never forget how the two of us would lay in bed as young girls and talk for hours, sharing secrets, talking about the latest boys we had a crush on, dreaming so big together!!! We shared so many stages of life together, good and bad. I love you Autumn Leigh. Thank you for showing me, I hope you know I was listening!!! Kisses for you in Heaven xoxoxox
Chanel Beach

There is one thing that has always has stuck in my mind......

......When I was a new mom and so very stressed out, I ran into you at walmart during a melt down and you said to me with a smile on your face "rememeber this Chanel, it's just a stage, it may last 1 day or 2 months but it will pass and then there will be other don't stress just enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast." I have never forgot that and I think of you everytime I get stressed out with my kids and I will forever........thank you for your wisdom as a wonderful mother! You will be missed. xoxo

Kenneth J. McCullough,SR

Autumn was very special to Bev and I. She came to us at 14. She left at 18 and one of our Daughters. I remember a Special Father-Daughter Dinner date we had. Because she had just turned 18, I told her we could talk about anything except boys. She talk'd about what she wanted in life, and I told her I loved her as any father could. I told her I was very proud of her. I told her I would always be there if she ever needed me. LOL, seems she needed Bev more than me.  I thank God I got to see her and Mike a few months ago at the Airport in Dallas. She really had come very far in her life from a teenager. I feel blessed that she was put in our lives. Walk now with God Autumn, HIS loving arms are around you. May God allow me long enough in Heaven, to see you one more time. I miss and love you.

Ken (Dad)

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