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Autumn Lee
Born in Kansas
33 years
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bailey jolley
the best memorie i think i had was all the hugs and kisses she gave me  and that it feels like i cant have that one because no one can give that one hug and kiss ive got lots of hugs and kisses but not one is the same as my moms and one of the things that makes me sad is that i just feels like i cant have that one hug and kiss ever again but i know that i can get that one hug and kiss and it just makes me sad to think about her and i do think about her when im alone and im like seeing her it makes me sad casue it feels like all what we did  and all the little memories all got tooken away when she died but i know they have not bean taken but i just have that feeling deep inside that i dont have any of that stuff and it sems all i can say is "i love and miss you so much and can not what to see you" thats all i feel like i can say  so "i love you so so so so so so so much" 
Mommy!!!! i  how she would tell me stories how heer life as a kid was although she would only tell me little arts and me and her would say prayers together at night. She was there for me in times of trouble and in times of need. She wa sa CAREING and LOVEING  MOTHER that will stay in MY  and MY FAMILEYS HEARTS she was everything to me. I have to tell you somthing funny...Everytime and I mean EVERYTIME when I did somthing wrong she would always freak out on me and like 15 minutes later she would come back into my room and give me a HUG and a  KISS and tell me that she LOVES  me!!! but the freaking out and yelling was if I did somthing really bad!!! But no matter what I did wrong she was allways there for me and whether or not I can SEE her in PERSON I will always SEE her in my way not through my eyes but through LOVE,COMPASSION,FAITH,HOPE,and  BELIEFTH that she is there with JESUS CHRIST praiseing and loveing him. she has been my mother for like 8 1/2 yrs. and I bet she still loes me even though I cant see her she can see me!!! Ok let me tell you a story it was like 7-8 days after the time that mom... I was sleeping down stairs and my dad came down to say prayers but when I was in the shower I shaved my legs and mom didnt want me shaveing my legs  till I was 12 and I told chastidy that I shaved my legs and she felt them and said "Now youll have to shave them forever and ever.But at least you didnt cut your self wiat have you told your dad sierra?" and then I said "No I wanted to tell you first and wait dont tell dad I will tell him. k. but will you tell hm with me I mean like will sit by hi and I will tell him. please." and she said yes and she got dad and I told him what I had done wrong and he didnt get mad at me and normally he would freak out.But God gave him Grace to give grace on other people when  he gets mad. And he gave Grace and then we said prayers and gave hugs and kisses> and I talked to momma and said prayers with her in my heart and gave her HUGS  and  KISSES!!!! and I told her that I LOVED HER!!! And that night was a good one but I cried for a while but now that I know my MOM is MY gaurdien ANGEL I feel so much better but not all the way and im sad in a way all the time cause Im so used to seeing my dad with my mom.but anyways haveing your mom as a gaurdien ANGEL I mean how cool is that but I love her and wish was still her in person for me I will remember her and take after her and love even more than I used to so ya right now she is talking to Jesus in person and hanging out with hm and looking down on her 6 kids and her family and i say to myself that i cant wait to go to heaven and start my life with her and start off from the day we left off.
Donna Rondema
Autumn has been my link to WVV for many years.  Several times a year, she would call me and let me know about the great deals on wine available to me as a stockholder & I would always order through her.  I met her in person several times at the winery, and each time she would make me feel like I was the most important person there, even though the tasting room was crowded.  She was very personable, professional & absolutely charming.  What a lovely young woman with special people skills.  I was shocked to learn of her tragic passing when I was at the Grape Stomp Saturday.  She will truly be missed!  My sincere sympathies to family and close friends.
Peter Melrose

I am a share holder of Willamette Valley Vineyards.  Over the years Autumn would call about the latest specials.  We would chat and I would probably end up buying some wine.  About 2 months ago my wife, Joan, and I were at the winery enjoying a glass of wine on the deck.  Autumn was there and somehow found out our names .  She came over and introduced herself.  She was so excited and treated us like long lost friends.  She was a wounderful person and will certainly be missed. 

Chris Chester
I work at Travel Oregon, the state's tourism office, and Autumn was my contact with Willamette Valley Vineyard.  She set up all the arrangements for our research trips with our various international markets as well as coordinate our wine events held outside of the U.S.  I shall remember her warm, friendly spirit and her constant cheerfulness.  She was an amazing person and someone to truly look up to.  Our international guests always enjoyed meeting with her.  She truly was an ambassador and a hostess with the mostest!  God seems to take the best from us and she is looking over our shoulders as one of the best ambassadors of angels created here on earth.  May the wonderful memories you have as family friends keep you safe and keep you protected.
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