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Autumn Lee
Born in Kansas
33 years
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Sandie Gray
Autumn- you always had great stories, a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. You were a great inspiration to many. We had some good times... My two favorite's were the group comedy trip and our day trip to Foster to try out the JetSki! :-) You had absolutely no fear of that thing and rode it around like a crazy woman almost losing me off the back many times. I do have to say though the time before last that I saw you, I will never forget the words you spoke.... 6 Kids ... Am I crazy or what??? You said chuckling! Followed with: I love every minute of my busy life. You were so proud, as you should be of everything- you were an amazing Mom, friend, wife and Sales Woman!!! XOXO! <3
Peggy Otto
I remember her animated way of talking,that sparkle in her eyes her laughter,her gentleness and desire to help others and not hurt anyone. Her talk with love about Mike and bragging on her children....always loving and kind...her hopes for her brothers and sisters...her anger at unfairness and injustices. I will miss her presence.Autumn was part of my wedding and was here for my family when Harry died,when my grandsons other Cheryl died,when my sons father died. She has touched my and my families life with laughter,love,hope and gentleness...this family will miss and her and loves her family much
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